P!nk’s new Video Try goes all Downtown Dance/Vegas Adagio on ya! LoveLoveLove!

I am and have always been a P!nk fan, I love that rock pop sound, she writes songs that have meaning but never takes herself too seriously, she gets who she is and has always stayed true. We saw that over the last years she has become proficient at flying and has used it in her stage act but what I didn’t know was that she has also been boning up on her dancing. Not her pop star hip hop moves as one might suspect (of others- not P!nk she is always contrary) but her actual dance (kinda downtown for you dancers) and partnering skills and the Adagio dance of the Vegas variety (counter balancing partnering ). This video is highly impressive. Now some would be quick to call “Domestic Violence” as it depicts a couple literally fighting (one another) for their relationship. Anyone who knows or sees dance might not jump to that conclusion as dance is the physical manifestation of emotion and these emotions are frustration, anger, pain, sorrow, and a sprinkle of hopelessness and longing. It really is amazing The Golden Boyz and Pink’s trapeze partner Sebastien Stella choreographed the video and Pink’s partner is Colt Prattes. Check it out! love it!

I love her strength and power, she gives as much as she gets, and hold her own, though the video is artistically violent there is an equality- no one is right or wrong, he drops her she throws him, it is a true depiction of what relationships can be like except here instead of the throwing of words it is the hurling of bodies and the odd chair or two! It’s edgy and elegant and a bit thought provoking, I would expect nothing less from P!ink!