S Moda Features Plus Sized Model Candice Huffine on Cover!

candice huffine I love this cover! It reminds me of those¬† juicy sexy curvy women of the ’50’s/60’s like Marilyn Monroe, or Sophia Loren delish! Apropos photographer Damon Baker’s concept was entitled “Una mujer real,” or “A Real Woman”¬† inspired by the 1050’s pin up girls.

If you recall Candice was one third of the full figured triad on the cover of Vogue Italia.

The Huffington Post reports:

For all the talk about including “real women” in fashion spreads, it seems like plus-size models only pop up on special occasions, like Vogue Italia‘s all-plus size issue or a controversial nude photospread juxtaposing a fat body with a skinny one.

So, after a few months of quiet on the plus-size front, S Moda has put the spotlight back on bigger models and the never-ending body conversation. Candice Huffine, famous for being one-third of Vogue Italia‘s memorable plus-size cover shoot, poses for photographer Damon Baker for a cover story entitled “Una mujer real,” or “A Real Woman.”

Her editorial, filled with Fifties-themed pinup shots, is accompanied by a surprisingly in-depth article that looks to psychology, anthropology, literature and pop culture to explain why the classic womanly shape, praised for centuries, has been replaced by a skinnier ideal.