Sarah Lane’s Proof gone!! Black Swan Youtube FX vid Replaced!

ok so I go to my previous post and I see that the special effects video is “No longer Available” The one with the shots of ABT soloist Sarah Lane doing the very diagonal of turns that Milliepied said Natalie Portman did, and how they replaced her head. so I go and find what I think is the same video but when I watch it the three scenes that showed Lane doing the dancing (the diagonal in the studio, the diagonal on stage as the Black Swan) have been edited and no longer show the head replacement and fouetté turns in the living room scene has been omitted entirely. These people should just stop. it’s ridiculous… here is the bogus video

Man this sucks!!

but check this out these are the originals!! It’s getting ugly!

One thought on “Sarah Lane’s Proof gone!! Black Swan Youtube FX vid Replaced!”

  1. Why sign up as a body double if you are going to flap about not being credited later. Plain stupid.

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