Stupid things Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne say! Dumb *sses

84th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsSo 20 year old Shailene Woodley is wearing this lovely Valentino Couture white dress at the Oscars. Now it is highly unconventional in it’s long sleeves alone (however this is on trend as there were a number of long sleeved gowns featured tonight) it shows no decolletage but the cut outs make it just a bit sexy. What I love is that when Ryan Seacrest asked her what she was wearing started to beam saying that she was obsessed with it that she thought that is was very “her”. She was delighted and excited and I personally loved her choice.

WELL flash forward to the E! gals Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic. They spouted such sexist idiotic nonsense that I had to post up. Kelley said that long sleeves on a young girl were “aging”, that is was all wrong for her too old. And then Giuliana chimes in that because she has such a good body, she should show it!  WHAT THE …

I loves the fact that she took a risk and wore something that she thought was exemplary of her personal style (not some stylist’s) and that she loved. The fact that she was covered and looked amazing, you could still see her curves and her form, but it was understated and yes young ladies CAN BE understated. IT”S CALLED SUBTLY!

This got under my skin. Kelly is not AS annoying  as Giuliana, she really has a bit more compassion then her Fashion Police co- hosts mainly because she was fat, and if you  going to be a young chunky woman critiquing other young (thinner) women on what they are wearing, you ass better have some compassion because we know how it works the first thing they will say is that you are fat, so she watches her tongue a bit.

But That Rancic, well we  already know that she has her own set of body issues, (She mentioned to Ryan on the red carpet that she was drinking green juice because she had to get in her dress, and her arms look like toothpicks)  But to hear her telling this 20 year old that she should “Show Skin” because she has the body to is just sexist nonsense. And what be like every other half clothed attention seeking young actress out there?


The idea that the dress was actually beautiful, and fit her like a glove eluded these to Einsteins, they were caught up in what they thought she should be wearing not how what she wore looked on her! Ugh Why do I do this to myself