Teachers Talking with Ana Marie Forsythe Parts 3-5

As if it weren’t juicy enough, hear what Mrs. Forsythe says when I ask her about teachers and ego! I with give a slight spoiler only because I find what she says so beautiful and a tribute to how she truly feels about dance, teaching and the Horton technique. She says that being able to teach a gift- that is is about sharing and love, she also gives some advice to students who encounter difficulty with certain teachers.

As a side note I would like to say to both teachers and students out there, that it’s important to remember that teachers are human, and make mistakes, and are not perfect- it’s a relationship that you work to build on that should start with a certain level of trust on both parts; students should trust that a teacher has the information and are trained to communicate it and teachers have to trust that students are there because they want that information. Both parties have to work to make that exchange at least possible if not pleasant!

Part 3

In Part 4 we discuss how throughout the years generations of students have changed, and thus the way each generation is trained must shift a bit to accommodate them. How has this paradigm shift effected both students and teachers, and what have we gained from it and what have we lost? I love that she talks about finding your fit when it comes to both your skills and your body type (it’s one of the elements in my Body image workshop! happy to know that a Master agrees!) She also answers the question: Is there a Horton body type? her response might surprise you!

Part 5
We discuss how Horton (or any “pure” technique) supports contemporary dance. This is a very interesting topic for our time as we as dance educators are charged with training and preparing the body to do this sort of work. We also get into a great analogy about dance and speech, and grammar….fascinating stuff, I could talk with her all day!!! Her passion left me invigorated and excited and proud to be a dance educator entrusted to prepare future generations to trip the lights fantastic!!