TEACHERS TALKING with Horton Master Ana Marie Forsythe

I cannot tell you how immensely excited I was about starting this series. I got the idea after I interviews Mrs. Forsythe for Dance Magazine’s Teachers Wisdom section. Since we both work at the Ailey School we see each other almost daily but this was the first time that we had opportunity (and cause) to sit and talk about the work. We had such a great and dynamic conversation that neither of us wanted it to end. When writing for a periodical there is always that word count to contend with, all the great tidbits of your interview can’t make it to print. When I created this forum and it started to really take shape I thought back to my conversation with Mrs. Forsythe and immediately thought “This is the place for the extended remix of our interview!” It took a bit of scheduling but I am so proud and happy to bring it to you.

If you have encountered Mrs. Forsythe be it as a student, as a participant in her teachers workshops or elsewhere, you know how knowledgable and passionate she about the work, she means business. But what you might not know is that she is absolutely delightful. To see her light up when she talks about her favorite fortification, or how brilliant design of the Horton technique is incredible, she still loves, and is fascinated by it, amazing considering that she has been teaching for over 50 years!!!
Here is part one of our chat! enjoy and take notes!

Some of the great things in this next segment relate to teachers, Forsythe says to teachers, “You have to know where you are going in order to start”
She also elaborates on how Horton -“Was designed for any body type” and how it makes it a technique that anyone on any level can access.
The best part is what she reveals about the Horton School in California and what it DIDN’T have that might have been a key element in the structure and performance quality that is built into the technique. Well what are you waiting for watch it already!

2 thoughts on “TEACHERS TALKING with Horton Master Ana Marie Forsythe”

  1. T’Ruth,
    Thank you so much for interviewing this amazing mentor to both myself and countless others. It’s through her wisdom that I gained a crystal clear understanding of Horton technique and how to teach the technique; after performing with the Ailey company for so many years, I thought I had a good understanding but in reality I did not…THANK YOU ANA MARIE FORSYTHE!!!!!!

  2. I Love ,Love, Love me some Ana- Marie!!!
    such a huge influence on not only myself, but tons & tons of Dancers over the years!!! She has that ability to teach with an iron fist , but also inspire her students, above what they think is possible. This is not only Dance steps and Horton technique, but also LIFE Lessons that last forever!!!
    The ultimate gift, humans can give to one another…

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