Teens and Plastic Surgery

How young is too young? I can remember being 13 and girls getting their noses “done” for their Bat Mizvahs, or having their ears tacked back. No one blinked an eye. For some it was, in way a cultural rite of passage, akin to orthodontia. As a parent it was the right thing to do, you don’t let your kid run a round with a jacked up mouth, dumbo ears or a honker that would get them teased. No Biggie.

That was in the eighties, things have changed. Teens are not merely getting the bump taken of of their noses but getting them implanted in their breast before graduation. They are having lips, noses, chins, breasts and lipo before they are legally allowed to DRINK!
My question: Is buying a better body really the way to create a better body image? After all of the healing to you really feel better about yourself- not when your out wearing the Vicky Secret “Now I can rest my chin on my chest” bra and thigh highboots kicking it in the club, but when you are alone in your solitude, in those vulnerable, facade free moments before you drift off to sleep, does the work change the way you truly feel about yourself? Do you like who and what you are?

Not a Judgment- just a question