Thank the Lort, National Dress like a Hooka Day is over

There are so many reasons why I hate Halloween for adults. I don’t like the idea that if on that day if you are the victim of a crime that you might not be able to identify the person, I hate the idea that grown folks are running around dressed like fools and drunk (like a St. Patrick’s day, and NYE on steroids)….and the last thing is that adult, relatively intelligent, and oft times professional women like to, or seem to think that they have to show their asses, and everything else and dress like sluts, hooka’s and hoes to be sexy for the night. It saddens me, I think (pardon the judgment) it looks desperate. Where does all of our creativity, intellect, our humor and wit go on this particular day? Why are we not dressing up as Madame Curry or something? My award is going to Heidi Klum (she always turns it for the day) this was her costume this year!!!

Werk Nana!!