The 10 Commandments Of Realistic Beauty

I love these and many of them fit into the philosophy of My Body My Image!
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By Robert Tornambe, M.D. NYC Plastic Surgeon and author of “The Beauty Quotient Formula”

What is realistic beauty? It is an alternative — and far more appropriate — interpretation of beauty, differing from society’s mainstream, shallow, airbrushed definition. Realistic beauty is a healthy and satisfying concept regarding the way you look and feel.

The concept involves the understanding that true beauty emanates from a combination of physical and mental qualities, working together to create the best version of you. It is all about changing for the better, learning to recognize and analyze your good points and understanding how they perpetuate your own, personal beauty. It involves regaining your sense of self so that you can effortlessly radiate confidence, competence, contentment and charisma. Every one of us possesses realistic beauty.

The 10 commandments listed below can serve as a realistic foundation or attitude towards
achieving satisfying and realistic beauty.

Faye Dunaway once said “the best thing for beauty is just being happy.” You could be the most gorgeous woman in the world, but if you’re down on yourself you will not look wonderful. Owning your beauty means that you accept and recognize the beautiful traits that you already possess. It also means that you build upon that foundation by enhancing and maximizing your best features. This allows you to be confident in your own skin.

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