The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Season Roundtable Series 2011: The Actresses

This was so inspiring, the intellectual and artistic discussion is fascinating and inspiring. Where this may not directly seem like a part of the body image topic, I would say that the MIND is a part of the issue and I think that when you hear what these women have to say about their process, the characters they play, and their perspective of them you will find that it is all part and parcel. There are a few moments that stood out for me:

Charlize talks about her intention is to get people to empathize not sympathize with her character in Young Adult and Monsters, which sparks an interesting discussion about human nature and how we as humans have a need to not believe that the worst (in terms of behavior the example of Hitler is used) does not–could not possibly not within us… (17:00)

Viola talks about not liking to watch herself on camera (45:00), and Michelle talks about trying to look at the monitor and running away and trying to figure out why teh male actors found it east to use the monitor as a tool and she couldn’t and dropped the gem of a revelation that it is said the camera is thought to be “the male gaze” and therefore women feel the responsibility to look a certain way (51:33)

It is about an hour long but all through it there are wonderful statements about process and getting inside characters. I have always what I call an acting approach to dance so I totally related, I thought some of you might as well! enjoy!

Award contenders Glenn Close, Charlize Theron, Carey Mulligan, Michelle Williams, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer sit down for a candid conversation with THR’s executive editor, features Stephen Galloway and news director Matt Belloni.