The Work Works!!

You want to have the body of a dancer- well then you are going to have to dance!

If you do the work i.e. training to be a dancer- then that work will be reflected in your body. It’s like going to the gym if you do bicep curls the bicep has no choice but to react!!!
Working fully, consistently and with technical precision and integrity will indeed shape your body. check it out!

3 thoughts on “The Work Works!!”

  1. So very, very true. They say the best way to become a better dancer is to well dance! Great concept and still loving the website 🙂

  2. The church choir says, “Amen!” This is wonderfully stated T’ruth, thank you for posting. This topic speaks to the commitment, trust and integrity that ‘the work’ provides. Many young dancers don’t trust the work and don’t dive in for what it’s worth. You must do the work!!! Major shout out for the ‘heifer haul.’ Uri Sands used to say, (when asked how he got his wonderfully cut up physique) “I pick up ladies and put them down really slowly.” LOL

  3. I love this! Dancers have been blessed to have some of the most beautiful bodies. We need to keep reminding ourselves that we need to work every day, every class, every rehearsal, etc. We as dancers are so hard and critical on ourselves at times that we forget that our pain, sweat, and tears are creating a beautiful, unique sculpture. Thank you for sharing!

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