Tracy Morgan got his kideny from his GF then left her…

What’s love got to do with my giving up a body part?
Did she give up an organ in the hopes of acquiring a lifestyle? (These are just questions) just got a very SHOCKING report from one of Tracy Morgan’s ex-Tanisha’s friends.
Remember a couple of weeks ago when reported to you that Tracy got a KIDNEY TRANSPLANT. He was diagnosed with diabetes a while back, and continued to live RECKLESSLY – so he destroyed both his kidneys. Anyways, guess where he got the kidney from . . . . his EX-GF TANISHA. Yes . . . she gave dude HER KIDNEY!!!
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You know George Lopez’s wife gave him a kidney or part of a liver and shortly after they filed for divorce, can she get that back as a part of her settlement? But they were married and had been for a long while, these two where merely dating the report says they had broken up when she offered -perhaps in an effort to get him back. My body My heavens! What do you think about that? would you give up a body part to a lover, or spouse? The saddest thing is if she is depressed about being one kidney lighter and single she can’t even drink away her sorrows.