Tyra Banks in an Bikini

Where it might not be her Sports Illustrated body of old, what she’s working with at 38 years old ain’t nothing to sneeze at. I think she looks fantastic! We have all witnessed her weight fluctuations over the years and everyone remembers when she told the people who were calling her fat to “Kiss her FAT ass” on her show, but it looks like she has come to a good comfortable weight for herself. Realistically (even though she is on television) she is not on the runway anymore so there is no real reason for her to maintain that stick thin stature.

Truth be told one of the reasons she changed her career was because after puberty, when she started to get her curves she was told that she had to lose weight and instead of starving herself, she worked with her genes and became a Victoria Secret model (although these days they look a bit hungry) and a bathing suit model. I think that sends a great message to models, there is a space for you without starving yourself to be a size 0. I also appreciate the fact that often on America’s Next Top Model she supports the models that are not “plus sized” but just fuller when other panelist speak disparagingly about there bodies. Kudos to you m’ lady, work that bikini body, ALL of IT!