U.S. Study finds Black women are heavier but happier with their bodies than white women

I think we kinda already knew this in fact I did a Video entry that pretty much sums up how it works. (I think it’s hysterical that they used Queen Latifah’s photo as an example of “a heavier Black woman”

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Black women in America may tend to be heavier than white women but they are far happier with their bodies, a study has found.

A nationwide survey found that 66 per cent of overweight or obese black women had high self esteem compared to 41 per cent of average-sized or thin white women.

The survey by the Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation interviewed more than 800 women across America to compile one of the most comprehensive studies in decades.

However black women remain more likely to slip into obesity and suffer higher rates of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and other weight-related health problems.

The survey discovered that 90 per cent of black women thought living a healthful lifestyle is very important, outranking religion, career and marriage.

However despite this, two-thirds reported eating fast-food at least once a week, with barely half cooking dinner at home on a regular basis.

Later in the article it talks about the cultural differences that might be the reason for the divergent mindsets:
Experts believe cultural differences meant many black women grew up feeling less pressure to appear thin.

Having ‘meat on your bones’ and ‘something to grab on to’ was considered healthy and larger black women celebrated and flaunted their bodies.

Songs such as the Commodores ‘Brick House’, which includes the lyric ’36-24-36, what a winning hand’, celebrated larger women.

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