UK Bans American Apparel School Days Advert…





Thank God there is a country that is willing to stand up for what is so clearly right. The fact that this company with it’s suspect advertizing campaigns has the word “American” in it is a disgrace to our country.


So this is the ad that American Apparel  posted to advertise it’s Fall, or “School Days” line. It is clearly a female bent over showing not just her panties, but her crotch. They will tell you that since the model is 30, therefor it could not be, and is in now way suggestive of pedophilia at all . What I will tell you (but you probably already know) that it is suggestive of the young girl who doesn’t realize how short her skirt is, and innocently bends over to pick something up. It is suggestive of the “Barely Legal” 18 year old in the pron movie who dons, a Catholic school kilt, knee socks and pigtails, who with a finger in her mouth looks back and bends over showing her white “little” girl panties as she waggles her bottom at you. It is suggestive of the violation of an Up Skirt shot…What it is, is flat out inappropriate for all of these reasons and primarily because their demographic is preteen and  teen aged girls. This is NOT how you sell a 14year old a pleated skirt. This is NOT the skirt you want your 14 year old to WANT to buy….

This imagery is an insult,  and an assault on young girls and women, it is reductive, but not just to the female sex but to boys and men alike as it tells and teaches them that this portrayal, this concept of woman is okay, it is acceptable , it is just the thing that makes a young punk hack people’s phone’s and leak their private and intimate photos…

Frankly I am sick and disgusted at what is going on in the world, in this country of late, from 8 year old girls being taught how to fire Uzis and killing the instructor, to everything that is happening in Ferguson Missouri , and all over this country with the police’s abuse of power and the systematic targeting of Black men even the leaking of celebrities personal and private intimate photos…. These are sad and desperate times for this country and this world. And though you might want to stop reading now because you feel like I am about to go off onto one of my tangents, (I might) one that is someone how unrelated to the topic of insinuating the sexualization of young girls I be to differ. I think that the afore mentioned things have a lack of moral compass, there is a lack of  humanity, there is a lack of empathy in these acts. There is something wrong, wrong, wrong, and though I do not know what to “do” about it I know that  like in AA the first step is to admit that you have a problem.


America— We have a problem….

Here is  what reported:

That’s according to the Guardian.The ASA has been on a tear against AA, banning specific ads six times in the last two and a half years. The latest dust-up comes over two pics that ran on the AA site and Instagram account, which showed a woman in a plaid skirt bending over, underwear exposed. (Similar to this ad. The Daily Mail has the images, of course.) They might as well have pegged it to a “jailbait” discount code. ASA did not approve one bit:

The images, which the advertising watchdog said were linked to the brand’s “School Days” and “Back to School” ranges, were edited so “the focus was on her buttocks and groin rather than on the skirt being modelled”. ASA said the ads imitated voyeuristic “up-skirt” photographs taken without the subject’s consent.

“We considered the ads had the effect of inappropriately sexualising school-age girls and were therefore offensive and irresponsible,” said the ASA ruling (which you can read for yourself here).

American Apparel insisted the images weren’t technically part of a “Back to School” promotion and that the model was 30. Come on, guys, don’t insult our intelligence on top of everything else.