V. Secret’s Adriana Lima Backtracks on Water Diet…wants to be a good Role Model

Well, you could have seen this coming from a mile away. Now Victoria Secret Model Adriana Lima who reportedly goes to extreme measures to get that wing worthy figure by basically drinking water and powdered eggs for days is now saying “THAT’S JUST CRAZY!” yeah we thought so too… When things are in black and white and get an extreme reaction it often times makes you take a step back and think. I don’t know if what was reported was accurate or not, but I do know that press like that is not helpful to the brand, so it is of no surprise that she would address it publicly to try to set it right.

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Adriana Lima wasn’t too pleased to hear that reports of the extreme diet Victoria’s Secret Angels must adopt in order to prep for the annual fashion show were swirling around the media.

The Telegraph wrote in an article that Lima testified to being on a pre-show nine-day liquid diet consisting of protein shakes and egg powder, after which she was banned from drinking water for 12 hours leading up to the show. They also reported that Lima worked out twice a day for the three weeks before.

However, Adriana is insisting that the details of the “crazy diet” are just a “misunderstanding.” She spoke with E! Canada to set the record straight. She even showed E! Canada her piece of coffee cake prior to the show, saying, “I have my Starbucks coffee right there… it was a misunderstanding.”

Like anyone whose body is her source of income — or who poses in her skivvies for all to see — the model says she’s conscious of her figure. She admits, “You can’t eat everything, of course… I eat healthy and work out a lot.”



I love how she dispels the rumor by pointing out that she is drinking coffee, (a liquid) now if she had a platter of food beside her and a fork in her mouth it might have been a bit more convincing no? ok she did have a piece of coffee cake too…

What do you think, a misunderstanding or the true gone wrong?