Vicky Secret’s Miraculous Bra: does it work? Take a look…

Now I am not one for “putting it all out there” Perhaps because I have such precious little to present, but if you told me that I could increase my bust 2 cups sizes for less than $10,000 I might give you a minute of my time. That’s what is supposed to be so miraculous about Victoria Secret’s Miraculous bra. Now I would have to think (as I have not seen nor touched it) that is a whole lotta push and padding, which is not really my style, ( I don’t like the idea of foamy breast) and I would always live in fear that upon taking it off one could risk being sued for false advertising, however it could be a nice change of pace. You know there are some tops and dresses that look better with a bit of bust, and options are nice ti have, or not to have that is the question, and this could be the answer.

Well “Good Morning America” contributor Becky Worley put Victoria Secret’s new Miraculous bra to the test check out the video to see how it fared. (She also tests out some other products, the whole segment is great but she starts it with the Bra so it’s up front! no pun intended)

there are some reviews on this site if you’re interested