Vogue Italia Features 3 +Size Models on COVER!!! Finalemente!

Via Huffington Post
Always ready to up the body image ante, Vogue Italia’s June issue celebrates curvy models, with a trio of plus-sized beauties posing for the cover. Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine and Robyn Lawley lean over plates of spaghetti in their lingerie, and inside, Marquita Pring is added to the mix for Steven Meisel’s lens.

OK OK I love this, and the ladies are giving it!

However my only issue is– Why did they have to have them hovering over plates of Pasta? It’s as if to say “Yeah this is how e got this big ( oh yeah and sexy)” It’s like they giveth and they taketh away. Its a bit insulting, for me it’s akin to putting three black women on the cover and having them sit over a plate of Fried chicken and Watermelon.

Who really thought that that was a good idea, or a good image? Who thought that that concept was going to empower real women) (I won’t use the plus size label in this context because the majority of women look closer to this then the standard sized model–at least in America) I am sure that the less than subtle irony was not lost on any of the ladies. I am sure that amongst themselves between shutter snaps they whispered under their breath to one another that because they are plus sized they pose with food- I am sure that they probably wanted to say “You know do we really have to pose with pasta?” But were stifled by the fact that this may be the first and last Vogue cover any of them ever gets and we have all watched America’s Next Top Model and Tyra and Mr&Ms Jay always tell the girls not co complain- comply.–

Although it is not perfect I am happy for the start!!!

That Having been said the editorial spread it MAJOR!!! HOT HOT HOT! It is Italian Vogue so they went there with the nude photos that really show the zaftig curves of the women and I have to say, they are full and sexy!! It’ s what most real men prefer, a hand full check it out here (NSFW)

And they gave us a Choco Bella!

Kudos Molto Bene Vogue Italia Grazie a Voi!