We had Body Heroes here are 13 MIND Heroes!!! Meet 13 Powerful Tech Women!

I have often ranted about the choice of role models young girls and women have today. Earlier this week I posted an entry about 6 year old Eden Wood the Kiddie Pageant Queen who is retiring from the circuit to become a pint sized superstar.Then there was Mila Kunis in her underwear on the cover of GQ bemoaning how some women in Hollywood use their sexuality to get roles and not their talent. Well I was so please to find this gem that restored my faith in the possibility that women are more then their breast, bums, and hair weaves, and that there are beautiful and intelligent women on the planet that are powerful and successful and keep their clothes on. (Lord don’t let me see one of these women on the cover of Maxim in a part of too small boy short leaning over a laptop!) check them out and be inspired! They create and manage things that you might use everyday!

 13 Influential Women In Technology (PHOTOS)

Hosted by Huffington Post

Considering the pace at which technology is progressing, it’s important to highlight and recognize the key players in the field that keep innovation going. And while women have always been vital components of the tech world, their influence and authority are now being widely respected by peers all around the globe.

From entrepreneurs like Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss to media heads like Heather Harde and Chloe Sladden, women in tech are dominating the industry and deserve the proper recognition for their hard work and creativity.

In conjunction with Dell and Intel’s Women in Tech sponsorship, we take a look at 13 of the most influential women in technology today.




Jennifer Hyman is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rent the Runway, a website aimed to help you find a wardrobe for all life’s occasions at 90% off retail prices. Hyman is responsible for all areas of the business including technology, fashion, sales, marketing, operations, customer experience, and people management.





The CTO for the Commander-in-Cheif, Beth Simone Noveck served as United States deputy chief technology officer for open government and led President Obama’s Open Government Initiative. She is a proven expert on technology and institutional innovation.







Sound familiar? Caterina Fake is currently the Chief Product Officer at the internet site, Hunch. You might remember her as the co-founder of Flickr along with Stewart Butterfield in 2004. After Flickr was acquired by Yahoo, Caterina ran their Technology Development Group and founded Yahoo’s Brickhouse





Heather Harde is the CEO of TechCrunch. Prior to her position as chief executive officer, Heather spent a decade at News Corp dealing heavily in corporate development, strategy, and operating roles both in Los Angeles and New York. She is also part of the founding team at Fox Interactive Media.





A Google veteran, Marissa Mayer joined the tech giant in 1999 as Google’s first female engineer leading the user interface and web server teams. She now serves as Head of Key Area of Serving Ads and Information at Google. Prior, she served as Vice President of Search Products and User Experience as well as Vice President of Google Product Search.


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