WTF is wrong with people? The Feeding Tube Diet, too much is too much

(psst hey sister you look craze with that tube up your nose)

*Disclaimer I am pissed at this so…this might be caustic

Just when you thought you have heard it all. It has been reported that some brides are going to extremes to lose the weight before the big day. They are basically resorting to being force fed through a tube inserted into their noses and into their stomachs that dips a nutritious concoction. W.T.F. Stop the Madness people!

First of all I don’t get the concept of women saying “I don’t want to look fat on my wedding day”. Why don’t you just want to look like you (albeit dolled up) in a white dress on your wedding day? Why would you want to look like the “new” and “improved” you in all of the pictures so that when people you a year later they think “Wow she went south fast”.

You look how you look and that’s apparently what he loves, your ass was “fat” when he asked you to marry him so he’s good with it. I’m sure he’ll think he made the right decision when you’re looking so sexy walking around with a tube up you schnoz, looking like you have a life threatening disease (I guess STUPIDITY can be life threatening as can the Ego and Vanity)!!
Women listen to me, You are living your life until you decide to get married, maybe you’ve been taking care of yourself maybe not, but what is it about that white dress, that ring that particular day that makes you allĀ  Crazy?(I am not putting myself in that mix even though I have a vagina) What is it that makes you say “oh now it’s time to buckle down” or in this case tube up. Why does it take an occasion to get us moving? a graduation, a milestone birthday, a wedding? Why can’t we just get it together (what ever our personal together is -I’m talking about a feeling not a size) just because?

But this here is really sick. The vanity involved alone is astounding, and the fact that there are doctors who will do this. There is no way in hell that anyone can say that in the long run this procedure is healthy. No you are not technically starving, but I am sure that your metabolism take a roller coaster ride, and that the weight loss is not sustainable, and that there will be a boomerang effect. But given the fact that this procedure runs a cool $1400.00 I can see how that might be an incentive for some less scrupulous doctors.

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2 thoughts on “WTF is wrong with people? The Feeding Tube Diet, too much is too much”

  1. that’s pretty disgusting that people would go that far to lose weight, not to mention how ironic it is that some people who are hospitalized for eating disorders have to get the same thing so they won’t die of starvation.

  2. I’m frustrated that women would do this to themselves. But I’m even more disgusted at the mercenary, unethical doctors that are doing this unhealthy procedure to make a quick buck. The emotional and physical dangers of this practice to the patient is appalling.

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