WTF!? Woman’s Body Swallows her Breast Implant While Exercising

It sounds like something out of a horror movie and I guess it is horrific if you went into Downward Facing Dog with 2 breasts and came up into Cobra with 1!  Now all you plastic surgery finger wavers before you judge, just know that the woman is 59 a breast cancer survivor and had implants after breast reconstructive surgery…

But still it’s kins freaky!

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Pilates is intended to realign the body. With every focused breath and movement, the physical fitness system is supposed to help you achieve balance as you reach deep into your body’s core.

But all one 59-year old woman found in her core was her right breast implant, which shifted when she engaged in a deep exhale.

The case of the pilates-session-turned-breast-disappearing act was published by Johns Hopkins’ University emergency medicine doctors in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The woman, who had not been identified, had a history of breast cancer and had undergone a bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

But while forcefully exhaling while keeping her mouth closed and nose pinched shut — called the Valsalva maneuver — the woman lost her implant somewhere in her body.

“I remember her saying, ‘My body swallowed my boob,'” Dr. Tiffany Fong, resident physician in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital, told

An ultrasound performed in the emergency room helped doctors find the implant, which was lodged between the lower part of the woman’s right lung and ribcage.

“When she would do the breathing maneuver, we saw a part of the chest bulge out,” said Fong. “We found that it was a part of her lung that was protruding.”

But for this woman, it didn’t hurt as bad as it sounds, the emergency physicians wrote in the case report.

“She could’ve had a hard time breathing because it would’ve taken up space in her lungs,” Dr. Gedge Rosson, director of breast reconstruction at Johns Hopkins Hospital, told Fortunately, she didn’t.

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