Your Best & Worst Stories About Developing Boobs

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It’s so funny that once you get your boobs and you are out of that awkward stage of adolescence you totally forget about how traumatic it was. I can remember that it was summer time my left breast started to bud, I was about 12 and I was still in those flimsy white undershirts with the white bow at the center. When that hard knot developed seriously thought I was going to die. It was tender and sore and back in the day there was all this talk that if you got hit hard in the breast it could cause cancer so I just knew my days were numbered. Since I was still in these little girl undershirts it was hard to hide so at play, all the boys would point and remark and all the girls would silently feel my pain as they laughed with them in hopes of diverting attention from their own personal developments be they breasts or armpit hair. Some had already developed and others were so chunky that they had had baby fat breast since they could walk.

I have 5 older sisters so I when they saw my little left bud they all had to put in their 2 cents and took bets on how soon I would be getting my period. Great! Just want I wanted to talk about at the dinner table! Since I had only one lump getting that all-important “training” bra was sort of pointless. And while we are on the subject just what is the bra training? It’s not like your breast really do anything. Anyway. I made it through the summer, and finally the right breast started to bud, and then both, all to abruptly stopped, I still look like am in puberty since I am struggling to be an A cup. Well that’s my story what’s yours?

Breast Friends

Dodai Stewart — Your Best & Worst Stories About Developing BoobsOh, puberty! The agony and the ecstasy! After we shared our alternately hilarious and harrowing tales about blossoming and growing breast buds, you chimed in. Even the commenters who said they “had no memories” of getting boobs managed to reveal intense emotions about their breasts, proving what a complicated, sensitive subject the mammary glands can be. Though many, many people shared their personal stories, there were some that stood out. These are the best.

First up, there were those of you who, like some of us, thought that breast buds were a disease or medical issue.

speedingbullet can blame her mom:

My mother — I absolutely swear this is true — didn’t know what my breast buds were, and took me to see the pediatrician. AWKWARD.

So can GrievousBodilyMarm:

My left one came through first, when I was eleven, and rather than reassure me, my mother panicked that I was getting breast cancer. Next door lived four boys I used to play on the street with. Their mother was a doctor so my own mother dragged me over there to be examined. The boys were kicked outside, sniggering, while I cried throughout my “examination”. Needless to say, my mother looked extremely sheepish as we left, and the boys taunted me about my “girl problems” for a good year after that.
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