5 Ways To Keep Thigh Sweat From Soaking Your Summer Dresses

OMG if they could tell me how to quell butt sweat!! but this is a start…

Huff Post tells us

Even though we’ve found the perfect summer dresses that won’t land us in hot water with human resources, rising temps have created another issue: inner thigh sweat.

We become miserable the very second we start to feel our thighs sticking together from all the heat and humidity. Next thing you know, our pretty floral frocks and bright cropped pants are soaked in sweat, creating an embarrassing stain.

If you’re fed up with sweaty, moist skin ruining your outfits, try these five methods to stop thigh sweat in its tracks.

baby powder

1. Baby powder. Our mothers swear by this stuff not only to soak up extra moisture, but to keep their bodies feeling soft and smelling fresh when on the move. $3.99, Target.com

dove deodorant

2. Deodorant.Yes, deodorant. Smooth on this cucumber-scented antiperspirant along your thighs, wait a few minutes before getting dressed and leave your home with a thin layer of protection against thigh sweat. $4.99, Drugstore.com


3. Anti-chafing gel. Fitness buffs namedrop this product all the time. This non-greasy balm helps to minimize friction and its aloe vera and vitamin E formula moisturizes dry and inflamed skin. $10, REI.com

cooling body cloths

4. Cooling wipes. The editors at HuffPost Style can’t get enough of these handbag-friendly body cloths, which immediately cools down our clammy skin and leaves behind a silky, powdery finish. $2.97, Walmart.com

nike runner shorts

5. Runner shorts. This probably seems like a no-brainer — they are made specifically to keep you dry — but when you’re used to wearing too-stuffy Spanx, then prepare to sweat way less. $25, Nike.com


I think that this briefs might not be brief enough for underneath summer dresses, so maybe some wicking underwear might be the way to go… or botox in the bum, that’s right, botox is also used to prevent excess sweating under the arms, hands and feet….