A Chat With Choreographer Camille A.Brown (pt3)

Here is the final segment of my chat with Camille A.Brown, here how she found her fit with Ronald K. Brown/Evidence, the importance of saying THANK YOU,what she looks for in a dancer, how to approach a choreographer you are interested in working with (important, my young ones) and how she feels about her body now. I have to say that this interview inspired me even more to learn more about the dancers I love to watch and admire. Everyone has a body story and it is so interesting to hear people’s individual journeys, whether it is overcoming physical obstacles, injuries, or just learning how to be a working dancer and staying healthy. I so adore Camille BRACCHIO! (private joke) but in watching these clips I fall in love with her all over again. She is so honest and generous with her information ( not everyone is like that). Thank you thank you Ms.Camille A Period Brown! Enjoy!
* the beeping towards the end is Camille’s phone she is ALWAYS in Demand!lol