The ADELE Effect? French Elle Feature + Sized Model on Cover

Could this be a case of “If you build it, they will come” Well Adele SWEPT the Grammies last night and is even the cover girl for American Vogue but could she be the initiator of breaking boundaries in fashion as well? French Vogue has just featured Tara Lynn (a plus sized model) on their cover, in her skivvies no less, and have deemed her “The Body”. What’s up wit dat?

And she has a B.O.D.Y I love her curves and her are real woman curves. I’m loving it! I love that they featured her body, not covering it up but almost celebrating it. Are we turning the corner here? Where it might be a fluke or are eyes starting to see differently? only time will tell but let’s enjoy it while it lasts! Work it Tara give ’em all you got (and from this cover, you already are!)

here is an interview she did (it’s in French/ and a bit in English)