A Global Look at School Lunches…Where does the USA fall?

These are examples of what Shady Sadie the Cafeteria Lady MIGHT serving in 4 different countries, Italy,  France,  Finland, and the US.

SweetGreen on Tumblr via Huffington Post, posted pictures to illustrate  how school lunches in the U.S. compare with those served in countries around the world. From Brazil to Finland to France and South Korea.  HOWEVER THESE ARE NOT ACTUAL LUNCHES!!!
The Jab campaign directed at Michelle Obama’s attempt to revamp school lunches #ThanksMichelleObama where kids posted pictures of there less than desirable school lunches might have spawned healthy salad chain SweetGreens illustration of what Lunches around the world MIGHT look like.
Even though they are not authentic, it does say something about our diets as Americans….

What stands out to me in the protein source in each selection. We see Fish, Shrimp, Beef (is Italy serving Chicken or is that a Salmon steak?) but what are those on the American platter, Mystery Nugget….

The other countries seem to opt for a whole grain bread, where we have a mashed potato, which if we can all be honest probably was a dried powder before preparation….

The others have a fruit in it’s original state, where it looks like it would be Apple Sauce the US if featuring….

I don’t know about you but the 3 other Lunches look like MEALS, like real food, that might come out of a restaurant.

Ok presently I am sitting with my Italian Daughter Bianca Delli Priscolli from Salerno (which is near Naples) I just asked her if this representation looked like what she was served in school, and she said no…”It was just Pasta” when I asked about a vegetable she said “Depends”…

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