Another Example of What’s Wrong in the World (day 2) What not to bring to a Baby Shower..

The other day I brought you Kat Von D’s  ill-titled “Underage red” lipstick shade being sold in Sephora beauty stores, and today it’s a company called Wry Baby (love the irony, it’s not lost here) and their onesie that reads “I hate my thighs”... Really ya’ll Yeah Yeah I get it’s a joke, and it pokes fun at how women are neurotic about their bodies without cause, and how silly it is that a BABY would worry about the size of their thighs but there is something icky about it. Like that lipstick shade….There is a sort of projection that no matter how ironic need not be perpetuated further, not even jokingly. There really are older men who are looking at underage girls and thinking inappropriate things, and before that little wee one grows out of that onesie she will no doubt hear her mother hating on her body. “I’m so fat, I have to loose this weight”,  “Ugh I’ll never get my stomach back” , “My hips are so wide”,  “My tits look like something in National Geographic” (all things I have heard post pregnant women say by the way”. Before that child can comprehend what her body is, what a wonder it is, how amazingly formed and perfect it is, she learned that is is cursed, and she is wearing a onesie that encourages people to laugh bend over and pinch her thighs…

I would like to say that in the above assumed that mothers would be buying this for their baby girls, and where it is possible that some might buy it for their little boys, it is clearly marketed at women and our body self-debasing mentality. perhaps I would feel better if there was a onesie that read

“I have a small pecker, so one day I’ll drive my dad’s sports car”

If we we believe that babies can hear in utero , so much so that mothers play music and language tapes to their bellies, because somehow, swimming around in all the amniotic fluid they take it in, why then do we not believe that once they are here in this world that such things don’t register? Just saying… it’s something to think about when you are fashionably, branding your baby with ironic phrases…

Here was Wry Babies answer to the back lash…pokg52fpc0


They’ve pitted “thighs” against another design reading, “Love me for my leg rolls.”  and are letting the sales decide how upset people REALLY are…All proceeds from either design will go to the Ms. Foundation for Women.