Another Misty Moment- Lopez Tonight with Prince

Just ’cause!
I take that back. Though it is out of context in a way, the idea that a little brown girls somewhere can see this and begin to dream about being a ballerina is so vital. With the shut down of the Dance Theatre of Harlem Company (the school IS still Active!) the visual presence of African American Ballet dancers has all but disappeared. Yes there are some sprinkled here and there but the concept of all those people of color in a classical (and neo-classical) context does not exist today. I can remember when I first saw DTH I was 8, I had already decided that I wanted to be a ballet dancer but when I saw those women in THEIR FLESH TONE tights and shoes, I thought, “Oh there really is a place for me. It’s not just a “Barbie Doll” dream” So that’s why I post this. I suspect that most little Chocolate Drops are in bed by the time Lopez tonight comes on so make sure if you have one or know one that you make sure they see this!!

I appreciate the fact that he introduces her!! that ‘s really important. Work it Miss. Misty Spreading Chocolate!!!!