Black Swan Body double Sarah Lane on 20/20

So if you missed it Sarah Lane and Fire Starter Wendy Perron (Dance Magazine, Editor in Chief) were on 20/20 last night talking about SwanGate. By now you all know that I am Team Sarah, and that’s not because I’m not Team Natalie but mainly because the truth is the T’ruth and I don’t like liars, or even fudgers for that matter. I also agree with Sarah on the idea that saying that Natalie or any one can become proficient in Ballet in a year is degrades to the art form and all the dancers who dedicate their lives to its mastery. To think that a year of training (at the age of 29 -30) even if you danced in the Catskills when you were 12 can result in doing a menage of perfectly executed Piqué and Fouetté turns it like saying that you believe that Cathy Dollaganger from V.C. Andrews novel Flowers in the Attic home schooled her dance training in an Attic with such accuracy that she became a Prima Ballerina! (oh I loved those books) It doesn’t happen.

What is a larger irritant (and was not discussed in the interview but I wish it had been) was Portman’s baby daddy’s role in the cover up. Benjamin Millepied knows damned well that that woman did not do that dancing, and he is perpetuating the fallacy to the detriment to his own art form (ok that was a bit dramatic, i think the art from will survive this but I needed to make a point)

The larger question is why lie? Now this is what makes my teeth itch- it’s greed. It’s not enough that the film is a commercial success and artistically heralded, it’s not enough that it received 5 Oscar nominations and Portman walked off with one of them (some think that had voters known that she had a body double the outcome might have been different I personally don’t think so) But for some reason they have to “Wag the Dog” and try to sell the big story. It is insulting to the public’s intelligence and it’s also insulting to everyone’s work on the film. You all did a good job- you made a great film, it was enough, you don’t have to through the ballerina under the bus! I bet if they had just let it side it would have blown over, but never under estimate a ballerina scorned! You piss a tutued broad off and she will come after you remember her history, she’s a chick who will go crazy and die and haunt your ass from the grave with a whole bunch of pissed off hungry friends. She may be tiny and frail looking but she will take you down- dancing on your grave!!! Aronofsky, Millepied, Portman watch your backs troubles coming down the Lane!

I kid. Hopefully we can squash this for good!
watch the clip!

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  1. I would have never assumed that Natalie Portman was the actual dancer! Ms. Lane received the credit she rightfully deserved as well as all the other stunt doubles. I just watched this on 20/20 and I couldn’t believe it! This is crazy!

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