Benoit Swan Pouffer Artistic Director of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet Tells ALL (Video)

I have been wanting to have an in depth conversation with Swan (as he is affectionately known)for a while now. Since his taking over of the company, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet has quickly risen to the be “The company to dance for”. Part of the reason has been the innovative and eclectic choreographers Pouffer has brought in to set work as well as his diverse, highly trained and versatile dancers. I was eager to pick his brain about what he looks for in a dancer and how he feels about the body. I also wanted to ask him what all of you young dancers want to know “What does it take to dance for Cedar Lake, What does he look for!”

I was so highly impressed with his sensitivity and thoughtfulness. Often when people become directors they, in the midst of trying to run the company forget what it was like to be on the marley. When Swan speaks of his dancers (or dancers in general) he still sounds like a dancer, he is sensitive and empathetic to how vulnerable dance makes you, he still understands how stressful the striving for perfection and the need to be what someone else wants you to be. He encourages, celebrates the individual.I encourage all young dancers to watch these clips and listen carefully he gives great advice and tips whether you want to dance with CLCB to not.

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