Sheyi’s PT Tip (physical therapy): How to Talk to your Physical Therapist

As promised  Sheyi is back with some great information that is important and pertinent, she answers the question: How do you talk to your physical therapist? Since we can’t see pain, the words we use to describe what is going on in our bodies are all that physical therapists have to go on, especially if you are there trying to figure out what it going on. Even if you come in with a diagnosis, getting you fully recovered is a collaborative effort and good, clear communication is always the best place to start.


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Talking tips, Be able to explain:

1) How you did it? When did the pain start? When does it hurt (walking running etc.)- How often does it hurt? (i.e. does it come and go)

2) Be able to describe your pain: dull, sharp, radiating, constant, stabbing, tight, stuck. Use adjectives and similes to help get your point across “it feels tight like it’s being twisted like a rope”

2) Be able to communicate when it is better or worse: when you first wake up at the end of the day etc.

Dancers be sure to take note of what you were doing when you felt the pain, what movements you feel it in, and  when you don’t is just as important. What you can do is just as important as what you can’t it can be the key to pinpointing the problem.

Remember you are the private investigator, the more intel you come with the better your Physical Therapist can help you!

Get Health! Stay healthy!

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