Bloomberg’s Ban of Super Sized Drinks, Too Far or on the Right Track?

Now I have to say that I am not a Bloomberg fan, I didn’t like the fact that he changed the law to win a third term as Mayor and I think that he has shown great favor to his wealthy friends in many areas specifically in the real estate market. He tends to, in my opinion oversteps…

Now he has  proposed that it be illegal to sell beverages over 16 ounces that have a high sugar content like sodas, fruit drinks, and even …Slurpees. He was highly successful in banning the use of Trans Fats in restaurant foods, that I agreed with as I think that when you are eating at a restaurant you often have no clue what you are eating or how it was prepared. I have a friend who is a chef who told me “People order the poached fish thinking it’s healthier but they don’t know that it was poached in duck fat, that’s why it tastes so good!”.


Should the Mayor be watching our waistlines for us?

When we learned that Trans Fats were those hidden calories invisible calories I think most people were happy to not have to worry about it. And frankly I don’t think that we really tasted the difference. Albeit this soda thing is slightly different. I  mean when we drink a Coke, we kinds know what’s in there, we know that there is a ton sugar and that the acid can deteriorate a penny. We know that when we by a big drink like that we are committing to consuming 3 times as much sugar as would be found in a normal sized can. But should our personal choice to buy and drink something bad for us be taken away. I mean we all know that alcohol is not “great” for us but if we drink “responsibly” which basically means that we don’t get behind the wheel of a car, and we don’t harm others, disrobe, or pee publicly (ok the gals on Jersey Shore are in peril) we are free to buy and drink as we like. Is Alcohol next? I mean you can barely smoke in your own home– now one could argue that smoking is bad for you and should be banned, and you could even argue that alcohol fits into the same category- when abused but should the government encroach on an individuals right to partake in these things? (I mean it’s not like they are footing the medical bill…)

Today the Super Sized Coke, Tomorrow the Cocktail!!!

Keep your paws off my drink!

What do you think, has Mayor Bloomberg gone too Far?