SkinnyGirl “Drink like a Lady” spot, What does that even Mean?

Now I have been a Bethenny Frankel fan from the beginning, however I have to say that on this season of her reality TV show “Bethenny Ever After” she it seems the power and money has taken her over. She was always a go getting tell it like it is, aggressive and take no prisoners type of chick but apparently that includes her husband as well. She seems to be in love with the sound of her voice, convinced that with a team of 6 or 7 she “does everything by herself” and bulldozes everyone in her path, albeit with a comedic flair. I still like her, and t’ruth be told if I sold my company for 160 million dollars you probably wouldn’t be able to tell me much either. I think it’s a phase, but I hope that her husband can hang in there, (not saying he’s an angel) but the way she talks to him and disrespects him is hard to watch, she’s incredibly dismissive towards him. But enough of that Skinny Girl has launched it’s first commercial a Charlotte Lions a follower sent me this message…


I don’t know if you’ve already seen it on TV but there is this one commercial about cocktails which has for main idea and campaign: “skinny girls cocktails; Drink like a lady”. And I mean so in order to be considered as a lady you need to drink skinny ? Or think

Or think skinny ?

I just thought I’d share that with you…

I hadn’t seen the ad but found it and where I thought both the quality and the concept was a bit thin (no pun intended) I didn’t quite get it. I clearly it’s saying that the concept of being a “lady” has changed over time, that now we can slouch, wear flip flops relax and get sauced, but the thing that is a constant is that we should be “Skinny” whilst doing it which in away kind of eradicates the feminist message because it reduces a woman to her appearance or weight. That’s where having a brand entitled something like SkinnyGirl can be limiting, what about the Puggygirls?

I think a problem with the ad was the general look of it, it looked amatuerish, it was trying. I can hear Bethenny in the commercial, and that shouldn’t be a bad thing but it’s that pushing energy that you get from her that makes you wonder if she’s really trying to convince herself. Look at the the lead in this clip she stilted and inauthentic in the introduction, she is trying to hard. I think the whole thing would have come off better if she had done the spot herself as the 1950’s woman, and had clips of her modern day, THAT we COULD believe and in reality THAT is what women want when they see her.