Bridalpalsty Creating the Bride of Frankenstein

OK at this point I just think that the creators of these competition reality shows are just getting drunk and coming up with the craziest concepts possible to see if people are so stupid desperate for fame or low enough in self esteem as to degrade themselves for money expensive items or hell at this point a bucket of chicken with some honey mustard sauce on the side.

Bridalplasty is the latest. It is a show where women compete for plastic surgery procedures and the wedding of their dreams. In fact the hit the road line is

“I’m sorry you are not top bride, you’ll have a wedding it just won’t be perfect”

What the hell?! It won’t be perfect because you actually still look like the woman your fiance proposed to? Because and you’ll have to pay for your wedding yourself? hummm. I thought weddings were about love and commitment and starting a life with someone- oh hells bell what am I talking about it’s about looking great in a dress and pictures- even if you no longer resemble yourself.

I have watched this show, I have watched it for you, so that I can educate you not because I get a perverse joy out of watching ridiculousness. The best part is when after a girl wins a challenge and she gets a procedure off of her list she is moved into the “Recovery Room” in the mansion. When she is well enough to get around she re-joins her competitors all bandaged and bound. So you have all these women doing testimonials looking like battered wives. Their heads are swaddled after having the fat removed from their cheeks, Their noses are packed after rhinoplasty they sound congested as they do their testimonials. It is just craziness.

How far will it go I have no clue but at a point it has to stop!! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…