Jennifer Aniston feels better at 40 then she ever has!!

“I feel more comfortable today than I ever did in my 20s or early 30s. I’m healthier. I’m more at peace in my mind and with my body. I’m startin’ to live. It’s good!”

I have to say that Jennifer Aniston does look great, in fact she has continued to get better with age. She has repeatedly talked about eating well and doing yoga and connecting with her mind, body, and spirit. What I love about her body is that she looks fit- not I don’t eat enough and don’t use my body skinny but healthy and strong.

Also it’s important to note for teen age girls, that your body goes through SO many changes while in puberty and after. That slightly pudgy girl can morph into a long leggy lady and the gangely “ugly” duckling can emerge a swan. Adolescence can be a horrible time with all the developments, and acne and then the sexual awakening it’s crazy! And we all know that kids are mean and when they are insecure (which most teens and truth be told adults as we are) they can be down right hateful.

Personally I found that every 8-10 years my body does shows and my metabolism and weight loss/gain shift a bit. Women are like that horse of a different color in the Wizard of Oz. Don’t worry, just learn to take care of yourself and chose Health over Image. If you are looking for a Body Role Model I totally nominate Jennifer Aniston!

So My Teen Queens,if you are stressing about your body don’t. You’ll only get better with age and time because you learn more, know more and at a point you learn to say “to hell” with certain things. Learn how to take care of yourself now so it becomes a lifestyle not a diet merry-go-round. Finally I think Aniston is a role model in another way, for the way she handled herself through that very public divorce and the aftermath which continues to play out in the media, that certainly has made her a better stronger fiercely empowered woman today.

Where nothing I (or anyone else) can say really make it “Better” hold on to this- Everything passes- if you close your eyes on the moon and wake to see the sun you have a new opportunity and you never know what could happen. Moments are Moments because they pass, it’s all about what you do and who you are in those moments that matter!!!

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