2 thoughts on “Butt Lifts are all the rage!!”

  1. Wow plastic surgery has literally gotten out of control! Inserting fat into your buttocks? Most people want to be taking it out! I understand the look for a more curvacious booty, but why can’t you just tone it yourself? Why do people need to be spending massive amounts of money on something that probably won’t last long? It is just a fad: in one day and out the next. There is no need.

  2. I personally do not understand why women want to get plastic surgery. Why are women never happy with their bodies? Inserting fat into your butt is completely unnecessary in my opinion. Whether you have curves or not, people should accept and love you for whom you are. You should also be happy with whom you are and not try to be like someone else. If women want more curves or want a more fit body, I think the best way to achieve this is to work out and tone your body in a healthy manner. Injecting fat into parts of your body to get that image you want is not healthy at all.

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