Check me out- I’m a Vivey lifesylist!!!

I am so  honored, pleased and proud to be a Vivey Lifestylist.

One of the things that I love about life, well my life is that I have been so fortunate to have students turn into friends and fabulous designers!! Celia Arias is one of those people. We met #$% years ago when she was a student at Hollins (then College) University and I was her ballet teacher, an artist in residence. I moved on she graduated  moved back Argentina, and then back to NYC and when she returned she was pregnant. Well not literally but creatively. In a way she asked me to be a Godmother of sorts, and finally the day arrived. Viveylife is here! I have garments named after me, how cool is that!?


About the brand

Vivey® was created to bring a dancer’s effortless grace to every woman. Our mission is to bring our knowledge of the human body, every strength, limitation and curve, to the clothing we make. We create more than a look that matches your day — we create a feel that matches how you flow from moment to moment. Designed by combining the intuition of a professional dancer with that of a designer, Vivey® is more than activewear, more than dancewear.

From work to workout to out for the night, Vivey® is the way we dress, the way we create, the way we live. Ours is a curated collection to match your femininity with the possibility that each moment holds. We are dancers, dreamers, and doers. We make every move count.  Forget grace under fire. Our motto is:  ‘Bringing Grace back into Power’

Check out Viveylife you are going to love the style, functionality, the MESH SHIRT!!!  if you order use the promocode theresa20 and get 20% of of you purchase!!!

5 day Mesh Skirt Challenge!! Celi gave us the challenge of wearing the skirt 5 days in a row 5 different ways, here are some of the looks.