Dancers, Learn How to Correct Hyperextended Legs! – VIDEO

For a while now I have been getting questions about how to correct hyper-extended legs. There is a lot of confusion around the subject and misinformation. Finally I found the perfect model to illustrate the exercises that will help build the right muscles to support the knee and correct the leg. Erika Hand is the lovely leg model in the video. Hear her talk about her personal experience with what she has been told about her legs and how to correct them. It might sound familiar…

Here are some simple concepts that will help you change the way you “think” about “how” you straighten the leg, and some exercises to help you first find the proper muscles to lift the knee cap up- (not back) and then strengthen the muscles above the knee then so that the leg with be strong and secure. I find that it’s best to try to find and connect with these new muscles outside of class where you can really focus solely on isolating the area. In class there is too much to worry about (the combination, the counts, the arms, moving across the floor, trying to turn and jump). These are simple exercises that can be done on the bus stop, while waiting for the train, (and you won’t look crazy!) or when you are just standing around. This way you can put the muscular information into your body when you can concentrate and feel what you are doing. The body will remember and when you do get into class you fill find that the muscles will start to fire almost without thought. It’s also a good idea to add these exercised to your warm up so that you can set up your legs before class to set. Don’t get discouraged, it’s new and seems daunting but the body learns and responds quickly. Stick with it

Hear Erika explain what she felt when she employed the concepts we talked about…

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  1. I will definitely try this, because i struggle to understand what my teachers mean by lifting the knee especially since i take ballet and Horton. In the end like the model in the video, my knee ends up bent but looks straight. And when i “pull up” my leg is now hyper-extended. However, i think in this excercise i will be able to feel the difference.

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