Jenny Hudson is Opening a Jenny Craig!


This is highly inspirational. Singer Actress and Jenny Craig spokesperson Jennifer Hudson has announced plans to open her own Jenny Craig Center in her hometown of Chicago. Not only has the program transformed the performer, her success has inspired her family members to get in on the act, they have their own Jenny Craig commercial running where they talk about how Hudson’s weight loss inspired them to get on the plan.

Now t’ruth be told, I am sure that there is a great deal of money to be made from having a celebrity driven Jenny Craig Center but I also think that Jennifer Hudson authentically had a life altering experience and wants to share that information with people. I think it’s great. Hudson had mentioned that before becoming famous she had never thought of herself as overweight because all of the women in her family looked like her. She was fine with her size, and her body because it was her norm. It wasn’t until she was placed in the spotlight and being photographed, having fittings and working with stylists that she began to understanding the importance and benefits of being a “sample size” in the entertainment industry. She was a perfect fit forĀ  the weight loss brand, which led to the endorsement, and introduction to not only a healthier, well portioned diet, but an exercise regimen that brought her to a healthier lifestyle and as a by-product a smaller dress size. If she can bring this possibility to the women of Chicago more power to her!!!