Demi Lavato Opens up about her Eating Disorder

It was almost a year ago when Disney’s last “It” girl Demi Lavato checked in to a rehabilitation to treat her cutting and eating disorder, recently she spoke about her disorder.

My family has known I’ve had issues with food and eating for about six years now. I was able to check in with them but it got to a point where I just was lying about eating and about being happy. There’s a lot of pressure these days. I feel like I live in a city where no woman eats!

And therein lies the problem and the reason I created a forum like this. I cannot imagine the pressure she was under as a teenager going through puberty with her body changing, and  having to deal with the pin thin ideal body type of Hollywood. In the midst of preparing to transition from tween queen to a young adult artist I am certain there was a great amount of anxiety. There had to be, people who are not in the industry or mega stars on the world stage being chased by paparazzi and scrutinized feel the pressure everyday, and when you are a teenaged girl who probably is the chief breadwinner of your family and is responsible for a number of people’s livelihoods it must be stressful, and to that the pressure to be “perfect and it is a recipe for disaster.

I think her last comment about living in a city where no woman eats is telling, there is a whole city where people are preoccupied and paranoid about every little thing they put in their mouths! It have always thought it ironic that all of these wealthy stars have the money to dine at the best restaurants that money can buy and yet they don’t EAT– and if they do, they probably harbor so much guilt that they can’t even enjoy it! I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

I’m glad that Demi got help and also has the courage to speak publicly about it, someone might read her words and know that they are not alone! Thank you Demi.

One thought on “Demi Lavato Opens up about her Eating Disorder”

  1. It is completely understandable why demi would do that to herself. People are under alot of stress when in the famous world. Having to look and be perfect, or paparazzi will eat them alive,but really is there anyone in this world perfect? no! There has been numerous stories about famous people doing awful things to themselves to make try and make themselves seem perfect or because their under so much stress and they do the unthinkable to themselves. Bottom line is Demi your a veryy pretty (girl/or woman w.e. you like to be called(; ) and believe me when i say you don’t need to do those things to yourself to make you seem better, your perfect just the way you are(: (when you get a chance sometime demi listen to-Lala Land<3)

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