Micheal Phelps’ Stunning Diet


PHEW! Talk about eating a lot! Micheal Phelps’ diet is the craziest I have ever heard of! He eats 12,000 calories a day and probably burns more than half of it training. Here is what his diet consists of:

Breakfast: Three fried-egg sandwiches loaded with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and mayonnaise. Two cups of coffee. One five-egg omelet. One bowl of grits. Three slices of French toast topped with powdered sugar. Three chocolate-chip pancakes.

Lunch: One pound of enriched pasta. Two large ham and cheese sandwiches with mayo on white bread. Energy drinks packing 1,000 calories.

Dinner: One pound of pasta. An entire pizza. More energy drinks.


Supposedly, eating all of this food helps his energy and endurance for swimming, since he is an Olympic swimmer that trains about 8-12 hours a day. But I don’t know how he does it! This hurts my stomach just reading it! Check out this video: