Demi Moore Disappearing —But in a Better Place About her Body Image

Demi Moore on Body Acceptance :

“I think I sit today in a place of greater acceptance of my body, and that includes not just my weight but all of the things that come with your changing body as you age to now experiencing my body as extremely thin — thin in a way that I never imagined somebody would be saying to me, “You’re too thin, and you don’t look good.”I have had a love-hate relationship with my body. When I’m at the greatest odds with my body, it’s usually because I feel my body’s betraying me, whether that’s been in the past, struggling with my weight and feeling that I couldn’t eat what I wanted to eat, or that I couldn’t get my body to do what I wanted it to do.”


Now that is a monumental statement coming from a women who (looks Great!) but has a long history of plastic surgery. From breast implants, to having a knee lift there is hardly a part of her that has not been reconstructed, she is something of a bionic woman. But then this statement makes sense when you here what her mindset was back then.


Here is a quote from the time of that knee lift:
“Demi went to Brian Novack, who has already done work on her,” a source close to the actress said. “He is a fantastic surgeon and his clients don’t look like they’ve had surgery. Demi couldn’t stand it that there was any part of her that is not perfect.”

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Now there is not “proof” and there is always a “source close to the celebrity” but there is no mistaking that she has been quite familiar with a needle, a scalpel and a suture

She is such a lovely woman and has always been, and I cannot image intensity of the internal pressure and the pressures of Hollywood that had her chasing perfection, and then in more recent years youth. Although I think that she has always looked good (never too over done- ladies of Hollywood should take note) she always made me feel uneasy, there was so much energy directed to looking a certain way. I hope that this revelation brings her some ease. This is a very publicly difficult and stressful time for her, she’s on the divorce diet and that will make you shed pounds whether you mean to or not. It’s nice to hear that she as come to a level of acceptance, appreciation and respect for her body…Demi, are just fine the way you are, you don’t have to change a thing! You never did.