Don’t ask Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks’ about being “Full-Figured”

Now when I first found this I was like “awww” because t’ruth be told she does inspire a lot of full figure women and I felt a bit woeful that she would try to distance herself from that reality. Well you have to watch the interview to see to see that it’s not so deep. Actually I think that mainly it was because the interviewer, Sun-Herald Fashion Editor Kate Waterhouse was so inept. Her, trite and insipid questions were the likes of what we hear all of the time and I am sure that Hendricks was sick of them too. The phasing of the the “full figured” faux pas was clumsy and came out of left field with a curve, I can see how and why she was taken aback. I do think that Hendricks id proud of her body and in inconspicuous benefit of helping women of a certain size feel good about themselves but like all of us, there are days when you just don’t want that to be the focus… Can we move on?