2 thoughts on “Dress your Body NOT your Issues!!!”

  1. I am just now catching up on your posts from Oct., and I must say enjoying them a lot! I found it interesting that you used the term “standing in the middle of your clothes” – because I thought I was the only person who ever thought this way 🙂 I am curvy… have always been curvy… and will always be curvy. Yet, I have always just wanted to stand in the middle of my clothes. Anyway, I experienced a change in the way I dress a couple of years back, when I suddenly realized that every shirt in my closet de-emphasized my boobs. As if, by hiding those curves, I was also hiding my butt. Then I thought… Women all over the world are paying good money to have d-cup boobs. Why do I keep trying to pass them off as b’s? Now, gone are all the t-shirts and tunics, and my closet is full of form fitting shirts. And I am enjoying dressing a lot more! I still try to hide my butt, even though my husband can talk about it’s virtues ad nauseum (ha!) I’m still not convinced… but I am working on it.

  2. LOL! good for you! we always want what we don’t have so much that we don’t realize what we do. That’s why my philosophy is about appreciation. You may not like or love it but you get it’s value! Mendy thank you for sharing. It makes me feel much better to know that I am not the only person who obsesses over things likte “Standing in the middle of my clothes!”

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