Build a Healthier Body Image: Fill Your Toolbox








If we are going to build a more positive self image then we are going to need the right tools to do it. Let’s get started on our new Project –Ourselves!!

The first tool in your body image tool box is:

Stop the intake of negative images, perceptions and standards of the body. If looking at theĀ  models in magazines make you feel bad about yourself because there is no way you can match that standard, then stop looking at the magazines. Pick up a book, or something that is going to make you feel good (period) be it about your body or anything about yourself or your life. Instead of taking information that makes you question who you are, and if you are good enough, take in something that will make you better. I have started to listen to numerous podcasts when I travel, from Quick and Dirty grammar and money tips, Radiolab‘s, Marc Maron’s WTF , and I LOVE Dr. Drew. the time I spent flipping through a fashion rag on the way to work I now spend learning something, or laughing!! I always feel smarter and better!

Check out the video to get started there will be another tip coming soon!!!

2 thoughts on “Build a Healthier Body Image: Fill Your Toolbox”

  1. you know I as all for feeling better about your body, and anything that helps a person do that is great, HOWEVER personally I would never want to do this, I just don’t want to see ass crack, scrotum or lord knows what else when I’m in downward facing dog… also I just think that the fluids…they fluids….lol hey whatever floats your boat, gets you moving and makes you feel good…but I will pass, namaste!

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