Today Show’s “Love Your Selfie” Segment, Make-up Less Monday







In order to bring awareness to the issues we all have with body image the Today Show anchors went make up less for one segment. They also shared some of their intimate thoughts about their bodies and their issues. It is quite moving and inspirational. What was really refreshing was to hear, Al Roker talk about his weight issue, Matt Lauer the loss of his hair and Will Geist about his forehead. They were joined by Dr. Mehmet Oz, who was make-up less as well when questioning them about the experience of baring all on national television.

I was most impressed by Savannah Guthrie who was so genuine and honest. She spoke about what it was like to be tall and tower over everyone. Also Tamron Hall shared a family tradition of not speaking negatively about themselves especially in front of the children…

It is all in the video below.

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