Finally a Mannequin that might just look like you


Now I wrote a whole piece entitled Hunched and Hungry is that Hot? about the disturbingly thin and ill postured mannequin’s in Bloomingdale’s! Well now you might be able to go into a store and see the clothes on a mannequin that has a similar shape as yours…ok, you would have to be shopping in SWEDEN, but at least it COULD happen SOMEWHERE!  The Swedish department store Åhléns is featuring a mannequin that is based on a model between sizes 12 and 16 (according to Good’s Yasha Wallin, the average woman is a size 14).


I love her, she is sexy, with curves in all the right places, and that is both a size and shape that I have seen walking down the street, in fact every 3rd girl looks like Gilda (that’s what I named her). And apparently people on the internet feel the same way, a Facebook picture of the mannequin went viral, quickly racking up 130,000 likes. Go Gilda Go Gilda GO GO!

I don’t know if that is Gilda’s sister Hilda, but the mannequin behind her has some meat on her as well but she has a different shape, or is that a real person????

doesn’t Gilda remind you of our first Body Hero Fluvia Lacerda?