Former Model Yasmin Le Bon Comes Clean about her Body Image and Exercise Addiction…

Most of you Youngins might nor remember the hot 80’s English Band Duran Duran or Simon Le Bon and you might not recognized his supermodel wife Yasmin but during the reign of the Amazons (Cindy, Naomi, Christy and Linda) she was pretty high up there. high enough to land one of the hottest lead singers of the hottest pop band. Yasmin is now 46 years old and with those years in the spot light and on the runway behind her she reflects on her struggle to find balance- between her body, self image, aging and of course food and exercise.

Supermodel (and wife of Duran Duran’s lead singer Simon) Yasmin Le Bon sat down with June’s Harper’s Bazaar UK to talk about her personal regimen these days. The 46-year-old seems to have ditched a slew of bad habits for a life of Wing Chun kung-fu, Ashram retreats and, well, eating.

On keeping fit: “I’ve definitely had an issue with over-exercising at times, and I had to give it all up for a year or two to let my body mend. It sounds ridiculous, but exercise is addictive — it draws you in and you ignore the pain, so I’m careful now.”

On aging:
“As we get older, there are things we have to accept. I know that now my body needs to be heavier — I’m over a stone more than I used to be.”

On her diet:
“What suits me better is eating lightly through the day, then having a proper, but not huge, meal at night. It’s a less extreme version of how I ate when I was modelling full time — although, back then, I lived off the odd bread roll if I was lucky. But I just love food. I’m not a fussy eater, and I love wine — it’s a great, quick fix.”

We, too, have found wine is a great, quick fix for just about everything. For more, head over to

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