Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi wears Makeup?

Berlusconi is 74 years old, he is the Prime Minister of a country, owns television and news papers, has billions of dollars and is a MAN (and we all know that the world is much kinder to men when it comes to aging and the rules of attraction and acceptance just doesn’t apply to them) So the fact that Berlusconi feels that he needs make-up and hair implants only proves that it’s really about how a person feels about themselves, and not who they are how much power they have or the amount of money they amass. I guess it’s cool, I mean Italy has Berlusconi and America has Donald Trump, who between his –well can you even call that a comb over? It’s more like a fold over and over, and the orange tanner they certainly could give Berlusconi a run for his money or at least to the make-up chair, or perhaps the two could swap make-up bags. Hey I shouldn’t make fun, after all Prince is almost fully beat and he is one of the sexiest men alive, and there other musician who wear make-up daily too like Dave Navarro, so maybe it shouldn’t be so shocking then…

Reporter Ariel Levy profiled the PM for The New Yorker and here is a short excerpt:

When I finally met Berlusconi — “Mr. Winner, Mr. Machismo,” as Flavia Perina described him — I was shocked. He is tiny, no more than five feet four inches tall. He wears white eyeliner on his lower lids to make his eyes pop in photographs, and he uses heavy foundation on his face, which renders him the same orangey-brown color as the cast of “Jersey Shore.” His hair is thinning–“because I had too many girlfriends,” he once said, before he got implants — and dyed a vivid burnt sienna. Despite these efforts, he is not a young seventy-four; Berlusconi, in the words of his best friend, is a bit dilapidated.
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