Halloween Costume Ideas that are REALLY Scary

A costume called Anna Rexia? seriously like we needed help having issue, or having them flaunted…. Thank goodness they pulled it!

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Ricky’s, that ubiquitous New York City purveyor of neon wigs, graphic tees and high-end hair products, has a full line of Halloween costumes for next month’s holiday.

Shop for costumes at Ricky’s and you can go as Sexy Marilyn Monroe, a Sexy Indian Princess, Sexy Alice in Wonderland or even Sexy SWAT Team Member (women, don’t you love your options?)

Unfortunately, you can no longer dress up as Anna Rexia, the sexy body dysmorphia sufferer.

Today the Village Voice pointed out that Ricky was selling an Anna Rexia costume, which featured a “glitter screenprint” skeleton and may or may not have come with the measuring tape for your waist.

It was, paradoxically, cut for quite the busty Halloween goer, which sort of makes no sense (last we check, eating disorder victims aren’t the curviest).

William Walters, coordinator at the National Eating Disorders Association, told the Voice that he’s seen the costume before — and he’s not a fan. “It makes light of something really serious… It’s hard for us to find it funny.”

Unsurprisingly, the costume has now been pulled off Ricky’s website. As of noon today, a Ricky’s spokesperson told the Village Voice that “the store wasn’t supposed to be selling the Anna Rexia costume anymore.”

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